Our Toddler Program

ToddlersYour toddler discovers the world around him through sight, touch and sounds.  Through challenging and meaningful activities we can help your child explore these senses.  They learn how the world works by seeing and interacting with objects surrounding him.  At this stage of development they explore everything at their own pace and tend to love repetition!

Our toddler classroom keeps their active minds and bodies busy and engaged at every step with hands-on learning environments and a balance of self-directed and teacher-directed activities. The classroom includes toddler size furnishings and little mats for nap time. A large selection of captivating toys, puzzles, books, and manipulatives, provides ample opportunity to assist in developing their skills.

Our toddler teachers are energetic, exciting, patient, and understand and love the emerging independence and individuality of the dynamic toddler.

ToddlerOur Toddler Room classes keep your child’s curious mind engaged, their body active through a variety of fun learning environments and opportunities for hands on fun. Each day at Discover Point Sugar Hill is brimming with Toddler friendly activities that will help them evolve in ways that provide them the freedom and confidence they need to grow and develop both socially and cognitively. By the time children reach the toddler ages, they are ready to expand their surrounding and explore. Providing them with a consistent daily routine helps them feel more in control of their surroundings, thereby more secure and capable in their classroom setting. At Discovery Point Sugar Hill your toddlers will begin to develop new friendships, feed their curiosities, and build self esteem as they experience their world in a nurturing, safe and loving environment.

In addition to providing qualified care of your toddler, everything we do is designed for helping them learn in an encouraging environment.

• The program has been uniquely designed for toddlers ages 18 to 30 months
• Low teacher child ratios provide close supervision with the help of teacher assistance
• Activities are a balanced combination of child initiated teacher directed assistance so your child gets the special attention he or she need
• The fun Toddler Room provides lots of room for toddlers to safely explore their environment independently.
• The Toddler curriculum encourages the continuing development of the entire child, emphasizing the importance of hands on learning activities
• Children have a separate playground space that can only be used by the toddler and infant classrooms

Toddler teachers help their little students find the appropriate ways to explore their surrounding in this unique learning (and playing) environment, by encouraging their individuality, providing them with choices as often as possible, and by introducing them to social concepts. Caregiver’s monitor children in order to discover what they can learn from each precious toddler, and respond in ways that will encourage personal growth, and celebrating their achievements with positive encouragement. We treat children as the individuals they are, offering engaging experiences that will delight them and build their confidence.

Discovery Point Sugar HillDiscovery Point Sugar Hill’s daily schedule provides a consistent structure to the day; allowing for the development of routines and rituals. However it also permits the flexibility and openness to follow the children’s interests and address their needs. The curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher guided activities. The environment presents developmentally appropriate challenges as well that also encourages independence. The program respects children as individuals and offers engaging activities they’ll be thrilled with, using age appropriate supplies, materials, and equipment that encourages a love of learning.

The toddler ages are an exciting time of life for both the child and the parents and it is our goal to help make it one of the most memorable times as well, by encouraging their personal growth. We promote make believe moments and role playing using fun, encouraging individual expression by having them participate in group activities; and foster self expression through music and art. We also help them learn listening and sharing; and show them how to express their emotions appropriately, in a nurturing environment.

Each child also has a designated space for their supplies and personal items. In addition Discovery Point Sugar Hill takes special care to keep all toys sanitized throughout the day, and bedding is consistently washed every week. In the Toddler Room parents provide their child’s diapers and wipes until their child is fully potty trained.

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