Our Infant and Beginners Programs

InfantYour baby’s learning tools are his/her eyes, ears, nose, hands, and feet. As they grow, they begin to use their body to explore and discover new things, while gently guided play engages each of their senses.

Our Infant teachers love babies and know how important it is to further develop their sense of belonging, self-esteem, and security by meeting their needs with warm, caring, and dependable responses.

Our Infant teachers provide loving arms, friendly voices, and lots of smiles for the little ones in our care!  And, not only do we love and nurture the babies, we also provide lots of sensory and physical play in a safe, caring environment.

Infant ClassroomOur Infant curriculum is designed with the cognitive, social, sensory, and emotional development of each child in mind.

Our Infant Room is a bright, clean, cheerful room with access to an outside play area that was specifically designed for Infants and Toddlers.  Each infant has his or her own crib, used solely by them.  The crib sheets and covers are laundered each day so that they are fresh and clean at all times.  Toys are sanitized throughout the day.

A daily infant report updated throughout the day by the teacher keeps you informed of your child’s feeding, diaper changes, and progress!

From the moment you welcome your children into the world life changes and a bond unlike any other you’ll experience in your lifetime will be set in stone. It’s also a time when most of us need to consider finding a daycare provider that we can feel good about, better yet, one that provides the quality, loving care that our little ones would receive at home.

At Discovery Point Sugar Hill you’ll be leaving your little one (s) in the well qualified, caring hands. The infants and younger students at Discovery Point have a very specific age appropriate curriculum that is designed to encourage cognitive abilities, perception, emotional growth, confidence, individuality and social skills development. By encouraging these important skills in human behavior young children are able to learn the things they’ll need to successfully continue on through preschool, elementary, high school and beyond. These skills aren’t typically taught in school so children are left to fend for themselves. Teaching these competencies at a young age gives children a head start that will make the experience easier for them to handle.

Infant Program

The infant program takes place in what is called the “Infant Room” which is bright and cheerful environment, filled with welcoming, child friendly colors. The program has been designed for little ones between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 months, with an age appropriate curriculum that has been designed to cultivate sensory, cognitive, emotional and physical development. Best of all, the teacher/child ratio is low meaning your child will receive focused attention and care. For an infant, every day at Discovery Point Sugar Hill is a day brimming with discoveries, in an environment that is filled with the loving comforts of home. Our beautifully designed Infant Room is furnished to create a happy, secure atmosphere, the perfect place for your child to learn and develop.

Beginner Program

Once a child reaches the age of 12 through 18 months, and who are beginning to crawl or walk, they’ll have access to the Beginners room, filled with age appropriate activities in a safe environment, the ideal atmosphere for growth and exploration. The “Beginners’ day to day schedule provides more structure than the infant program, creating the opportunity to develop the daily routines that provide a sense of stability. Discovery Point teachers work in large groups; however start to break the children into small groups as well, encouraging meaningful experiences that build on the children’s interests, strengths and needs, learn how to play well with others, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

The Beginner program also provides developmentally appropriate toys and equipment which encourages learning through play, on their or with others. In addition, the room may include cribs; and eventually, when appropriate the children will be transitioned to sleeping mats; a big accomplishment for them. Eventually, when they’re ready, they’ll also be transitioned to the Discovery Point food menus.

Discovery Point also offers a daily infant/beginner report so you can verify your child was taken care of (diaper changes, etc.), lovingly handled, fed properly, and that progress in their development is being made.

Discovery Point Sugar Hill is a loving and nurturing place that promotes learning and developing skills that builds self confidence and teaches interpersonal skills. We take pride in maintaining a happy and loving environment that offers security, cleanliness and patience in a child friendly environment.

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